Monday, May 26, 2014

Summertime, and the light is bright and the kids never sleep and that's why their eyes are so big, they're dreaming awake

We said "let's get ready for bed" and G stomped his feet at us and gestured toward the window. But it's still MORNING! 

He was disgusted with our rigidity in the face of daylight yet to be spent.

We've moved furniture around the first floor of the house. The bookshelves from the family room moved to the living room, which now feels cozy and library-ish. The couch in the family room turned sideways; a cabinet scootched into a corner; the console table from the living room once laden with big art books now backs the family room couch and holds the board games. The house feels a little bit new.

My dad painted the fireplace. I'm sure he thought I was crazy at the idea but that's fine because it's surely neither the first nor last time I've made him think I'm crazy and the fireplace looks a gazbillion times better.  

We went to a bat mitzvah this weekend and the farmer's market and a bar mitzvah. We had hot dogs and we had pizza and we went out for ice cream and we saw old friends and turned on the sprinklers, not for the watering of grass but for the care and giggles of little humans. I put away six loads of laundry and I read two books. My friend Allison just started a book club and this is only our third book, but all three so far have been ones I'd never select and that I devoured, so by measurement this is a good book club. Plus, one of the other women brings bean dip. Said bean-dip woman described herself as a binge reader, and I saw myself in that phrase. I started and finished two novels this weekend because I can't let a good story sit somewhere. So now I've binge-read the book-club book and we don't meet for another two weeks. But consolation is coming in the mail: one of my favorite authors has a memoir coming out tomorrow and trusty Amazon says my copy is en route.

I like to read in the angled chair in the library-ish living room now, when the kids are awake, because they're playing in the reclaimed space in the family room. But I love the couch in the family room once they finally go to sleep; the room has become again a cozy den. We added a desk behind the couch; ostensibly for a homework spot or coloring nook aside from the kitchen table. Really it's there because the lovely husband likes to be on his laptop while watching television at night and he wanted a proper work surface. It's next to walls that were covered by bookshelves, a little naked spot in the circus of our lives, serene and quiet.

You can read there, or write, or dream, just so long as you do so efficiently. Solstice is coming and the sun rises early and with it, those children. Summer is coming and small changes feel big and long weekends are wonderful and from this corner of the couch, this old vantage point re-envisioned, the potential ahead in new books and new plans and new friends and sunny days, everything's looking good.

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