Thursday, February 27, 2014

The sisterhood of the traveling askance

The kindergarten classes had a field trip today, their first one, to a great nearby children's theater to see Rumpelstiltskin. I was so excited for L: she loves live theater, she loves that theater, she loves adventure and new things and disruptors to routine. When the girls piled in my car this afternoon, the first question I asked was about the show.

You mean my field trip? It was great!

"Tell me about it!"

She looked at me. Well--  

She paused. Then, Hang on, Mama. I have to talk to E first.

She turned to her sister. You were right. You were so right! I got on the bus with J___. And we made sure to be at the front of the line. Good idea! And that way we got to sit in the back of the bus. And we did what you said. Every time the bus went over a bump we gave ourselves a little jump. And it took practice to time it right so we waited until we felt the front wheels of the bus go over the bump but before the back wheels went and once we figured that out, we really flew up in the air like balloons every time! And then all the other kids were jealous because they didn't have the back seat of the bus but I told them my sister told me about it and you made my first field trip SO FUN.

I navigated the carpool lane and pulled out onto the street. "But how was the actual show, sweet girl?"

Oh! Well, that was good. But it wasn't like the book. And someone's dad sat in front of me so I couldn't see so I got to have a booster and then I was taller than everybody so I could see the secret latch that Rumpelstiltskin used to fall through the floor. And-- OH! That was REALLY IMPORTANT! Because after the show everyone was wondering how he fell through the floor but I wasn't because I already knew so I remembered to pull J___ really fast to line up again so we could fly up like balloons all the way back to school and THAT was really great. Because everyone else was stuck wondering about the magic floor. So I could concentrate on the important stuff, like getting the best seat on the bus. I had a really good day. Thanks, E!

Aren't you so glad they have each other for all these important life lessons? Culture you can find anywhere but for field trip anti-gravity tips, sometimes you just need a big sister.

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