Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh, that neck brace

On the day that L cut her hair (again) we couldn't get it fixed immediately because she had a birthday party to attend. We arrived, she looking (ahem) more disheveled than usual, and she was completely unbothered. The party was at a fire station and the captain showed the kids all around the various large trucks.

At the ambulance, they were all invited to climb in, and an EMT demonstrated a bunch of equipment. I
was standing in the bay with a bunch of other parents when the kids climbed down, some wearing bandages, some wearing blue latex gloves, and my L wearing a pediatric neck stabilizer.

Apparently they're one-time use, so once the EMT asks for a model, she's paid in medical equipment. And my girl being exactly the girl she is, she happily wore it around the fire station for the duration of the party. A few families showed up late to the party, and every time a mom I knew walked in, she noticed L and dashed to me -- "is she okay?" Again and again I laughed, looking at my girl with the unkempt hair and the stabilized neck. "She's fine. It's just from the ambulance tour a minute ago."

After the party, L brought her goodie home to play with, as she and G love to play doctor quite a bit. It's sitting on our kitchen counter at the moment, because that's where they left it, and everyone who walks in our house becomes alarmed. "Who got hurt?" I should probably put it away but it makes for such a good story, reenacting itself with its very own audiences.

Have a good weekend, friends.

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