Monday, December 2, 2013

The last best commute

It appears that all of the universe, or at least most of the greater DC area, used the long Thanksgiving weekend to set up their Christmas decorations. And while they did that we paid them no mind. We were busy lighting Chanukah candles and enjoying our own celebrations.

Next year, when he's almost five, my wide-eyed G will probably be savvy to Christmas. This year, though, he holds no such foreknowledge. We left his school's door and he squealed. A stand of magnolias grounds the traffic circle at the main door to the agency and every year the facilities staff encircles their many branches and trunks with hundreds of bright white LED bulbs. G looked left and there they were. He jumped and pointed and pointed and squealed.

The whole car ride home he oohed and aahed. He does that: one of the girls somehow gifted him with the phrase ooh la la, and he ooh-la-la-ed every front yard light display, every storefront eave dripping fairy lights, every churchyard tree conically festooned in strands of red and green.

Look! he said again and again, his voice round with pure delight. Chanukah lights! More Chanukah lights!

I didn't correct him.

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