Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Friday

I used to work every Thanksgiving Friday. The government doesn't give it as a day off and it seemed silly to take a day for it. It's a lovely day at work, low-stress and quiet, as almost nobody is there. And daycare is open, so the littles had a happy school day with low enrollment and lots of attention. Then E left for school, then both girls, and then the lovely husband's office declared the day a work holiday, though it hadn't previously been. Suddenly the balance of our family was home on Thanksgiving Friday and I wanted to be there, too.

Today was the first Thanksgiving Friday I haven't worked in years, and it was fabulous. We didn't do anything, really. We stayed home and we baked garlic bread and we thoroughly played with every new Chanukah acquisition. The girls each got a new American Girl doll on the first night, bringing our household total to four, and so the girls set up all their Girls in front of turkey lunch.

When I lived alone I always wanted to do something. I'd drive to New York City or Montreal on a whim; I was always seeking excitement. When we got married I still always wanted to do something. The lovely husband worked crazy hours and every second that he was home I was itching to go right back out the door, just to have some fun together, and it almost didn't matter what we were doing, just so long as we were doing something. Then we had all these kids and I've turned into a total homebody. We could have done almost anything today but all I wanted to do was stay home, together, and we did, and it was great. Pin It