Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Carpe snowflake

The girls came home from their half-day of school to the lightest of snow flurries. It's not quite the first snow of the year but it is the first snow they've managed to see, as our other five minutes of light flurries happened after they'd already gone up to bed.

E looked up, observed the flakes, and looked right back down to her novel. G looked up, said only ooh! and returned to his cheese and crackers. L looked up and screamed. I've waited my whole life to catch snowflakes on my tongue! she cried. It is good to have ambitions, my daughter. She grabbed her hat but no jacket and dashed out to the back porch.

"How do they taste?" I asked, as one must savor the momentous occasion of a lifelong dream come true.

Shivery, she answered slowly, sagely, a wide smile spreading languidly across her face. A minute later she was back inside and by the time she got her pink sparkle boots off her feet the snowstorm had ended.

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