Thursday, August 15, 2013

New York state of mind

Times Square:

Central Park:

An American Girl doll enjoying her first taxi ride:

She can't reach mosaic Manhattan but she ♥ all NY:

We left at 7am Sunday and returned at 10pm Monday, just a jaunt, just us girls, just some pizza and their first Broadway show and adventuring, Hell's Kitchen, street cart snacks, Park Ave, Lady Liberty from our hotel window, Columbus Circle, singles in the coffee cups of the homeless on church steps, window shopping at Cartier. They're big enough now, my two girls, for pound-the-pavement walk-your-feet-off urban tourism, and there was an old promise to fulfill, and the pizza. Always the pizza. 

I know a lot of parents spend a lot of energy melancholic at the passage of time. It's never suited me, regret for what must In natural order pass. But I do embrace the every next stage. It's amazing, as they get big, how very many wonderful things we can do together. 

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