Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Party city

I took my sweet five-year-old on an evening adventure tonight to the party supply store. She graduates from preschool on Friday and the daycare's director asked me if I'd like to be in charge of decorations. Not really, but I supposed she thought that the answer would be yes, and then I thought about my girl, for whom, if posed the question, the answer would have been a genuine yes, so I invoked some enthusiasm-by-proxy and agreed to help.

The girl was excited. Crepe streamers and shiny letter pendants and napkins that say CONGRATS, GRAD! to accompany cupcakes and juice. It's a technicolor wonderland of possibility, the party supply store, and I had to justify why we didn't need neon feather boas from the costume department. 

Actually, there is never a sufficient justification for not needing neon feather boas. I learned this lesson today. 

But listen: are you paying attention? My girl is graduating on Friday. That's what this is about. She lost her second tooth yesterday. She climbs the trunk of every tree. She wants waffles with fresh whipped cream for Friday dinner. She loves rainbows. She asks me if she can love me forever, and then she asks me to buy her a feather boa and the two questions aren't even related. 

She wants kindergarten to begin on Monday. She's ready.

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