Thursday, May 9, 2013

Get off the couch

I type to you from the couch, you know. It's my home office.

A few months ago, a dear friend told me that her son had told her that he wants to run in his school's end-of-year 5k race, and he wants her to run with him. "Sure!" she said, as mamas do, and then realized she needed to become runnerly enough to complete a 5k. What a good mama, I said, nodding encouragingly. Her plan was to train through the winter and spring and then sign up for her own 5k so that she'd be ready to run with her son. Isn't she fantastic? Yes, you're nodding. Because she is! And then she asked me to run that spring 5k with her and also train for it, so we could motivate each other.

Record scratch, right there. I didn't own a running bra. And winter is cold and I really hate being outside in the cold. I'm a delicate flower.

Hmm. Spring came quickly, as it does, and I surprised nobody more than myself when I began running regularly. We're following the Couch to 5K training program. We're running a 5k together in the middle of June, she and I, and I'll be ready. This is how serious it is: the lovely husband is in Atlanta but today's a scheduled running day for me, so I worked from home just so that I could run at lunchtime. Crazy, right? Who am I?

I'm a runner, maybe.

I have tried off and on in the past seven years to make parenthood and career and fitness all fit together, with poor results. But I've never had a youngest child three-year-old before, and it's possible that life is getting just a tiny bit logistically easier. Or even if that's not true at all, it is true that I get to sleep through the night with fewer interruptions. (Good sleep definitely helps with running!) The hard part, as always, isn't ever the very top priorities, it's the everything else. It is a truth that I have very little free time. First I cheated on you here by taking up sewing. And now I'm stepping out on you to go running, too. I know I've been around this space a little less than usual, and now you know why.

The last time I ran a 5k was in high school. In 1993. Now I'm running one on June 16th. You'll cheer me on, right?

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