Saturday, March 9, 2013

Eaters gotta eat {a giveaway for you}

We're going to deviate from our usual format tonight because the lovely people at your neighborhood Safeway want me to give you some grocery money. That's worth a format deviation, right? But first, a story:

My favorite time to go grocery shopping is around 11pm. The whole day has been otherwise concluded, the kids are asleep, the lovely husband is on his laptop or packing lunches and boom: we're out of strawberries. I love this.

I have a work friend who goes to do his grocery shopping at 6am every Saturday. He's in, he's out, he's awake with the sun but before the town, and he's gotten his shopping out of the way and has his whole weekend ahead of him. You might surmise (correctly) that he's quite the morning person. You might surmise (correctly) that I'm more of a night owl.

When you go grocery shopping at 11pm, the store is quiet and cheerful. Staff, otherwise bored, are happy to help you. They will fetch fresher produce from the back and milk with a later expiration date. The cheese counter guy, there late for inventory, offers some brie to try, and this smoked gouda, and maybe you need a little more brie before you go? And best of all: there are no lines at checkout.

If I go to the grocery store after work, I have littles with me or I'm hurrying to get home. If I go after they're asleep, my thoughts are my own and I can concentrate on price comparison or ingredient lists or important things like finding the perfect shade of bright pink lip gloss for spring. I know you understand.

I'm a woman alone with my grocery list and a brie-laden cracker. You should try it sometime.


So here's the giveaway. Safeway wants me to tell you (no, remind you, because you already know this, right?) about the Safeway Rewards program. And they'd like me to give one of you a $50 Safeway gift card. Brie, anyone?

I buy gas at Exxon all the time. Whatever phone number you use for your loyalty card is the same thing you use at the gas station. You put your number in and the gas price drops right at the pump. So just for doing the weekly grocery shopping that we'd do anyway, I usually save 30 or 40 cents per gallon on filling my gas tank. YOU SHOULD BE DOING THIS.

Do you want $50 to spend at Safeway?

:: Leave me a comment telling me what time of day you prefer as grocery shopping time.

:: You can follow @Safeway on Twitter and leave a second comment telling me you've done so.

:: You can leave an additional comment if you follow me on Twitter, too.

And if you want to know more about Safeway Rewards and other information, you can find Safeway on Facebook.

That's it! I'll pick a winner via one week from tonight (3/16) before I go to bed. Good luck!


Disclosure: this post was sponsored by Safeway. You know I almost never do giveaways, but Safeway gave me some grocery money and wants to give you some, too. And I want you to enjoy some underwritten grocery aisle solitude bliss!

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