Thursday, January 10, 2013


It's January and I didn't wear a jacket to work today. Okay, I had on a cute navy polka dot knit blazer as part of my outfit, so it would be more accurate to tell you I didn't wear any overcoat. It has happened before that in the rush of getting the three littles out of the house I've forgotten my own accoutrements. But today was just weirdly warm.

I went outside at lunch today (something that doesn't always happen) to take a drive through a nearby neighborhood with a friend. We walked to her car and I had the thought that it feels like spring. It's a glorious fallacy but the sun was shining and a light breeze pulled at our hair and conversation and the cherry trees by the main entrance, poor confused things, are filled with blossoms. But then, I thought, related to our mission, maybe bright January days are always scented with spring. It's still resolutions season, clean slates, and the world wears a veil of optimism.

But lace isn't meant for the rigors of daily wear, and anyway my friend has been pursuing her goal since well before the beginning of this month.

We went to drive a race course. She's set an athletic goal for herself, her first 5K, but the one that had her motivated was rumored to be hilly. Well, upon inspection, it is hilly. And then my inspiring friend returned to her desk and completed the registration form. I'm so proud of her.

Resolutions are one thing but concrete actions will have more impact when the cold winds of winter return. There will always be a February.

After too many days of "it won't be long," the lovely husband's grandmother, unresponsive but determined as ever, is thus far still hanging on. Tenacity can be as sheltering a cloak as anything. And sometimes, you don't know if you should wish for the winds to change again or not.

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