Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The terrible waiting

The lovely husband's grandmother turned 92 last week and also entered hospice care. She just wanted to pass her birthday, she said. She made her goodbyes. 

August 2001 -- our wedding

April 2010 -- with a two-month-old baby G

She didn't really wake up today, so the worst is probably behind her. But for her family beside her and around the country, this is the worst part. We wait to hear. We wish her peace. 

My sweet husband will lose his last grandparent soon. My kids will see their first funeral. I'll cradle all their hearts for them. I do laundry so we can pack. I find photographs. I make plans and variations on plans. 

It won't be long, the doctors say, but that lady is one tough lady, I tell you with admiration. And so quietly, respectfully, we wait.

She'd hate those pictures, you know. But she loves her three great-grandkids, and she was so, so happy on our wedding day. And so while I'm having trouble sleeping, dreading what tomorrow might bring, I'll think I'll focus on those images. Whatever happens with the sunrise, this fiesty woman will smile from the screen.

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