Saturday, November 16, 2013

Throwback and throwbacker and Monday through Friday

This coming week is very important in the kindergarten life cycle: it's L's turn to be Star of the Week. We've already filled her Estimating Jar and planned our Friday storybooks. Tomorrow afternoon we have to make her Star poster so she can kick off her week with it on Monday.

In preparation I was clicking all around our photo archives tonight, scanning thousands of thumbnails to find the perfect dozen or show images to summarize her existence on this planet in the most flattering and exciting way. I sent 30 or so photos to the 24-hour CVS so I can pick them up tomorrow morning. She can pick what to use; she should have a say in curating her own narrative.

This picture below did not make the poster project's cut. Say hello to 10-month-old L (and the lovely husband's thumbs), circa 2008:

I could have hit monthly folders at random or searched for specific events from memory but instead I indulged in a couple hours of nostalgia and glanced at every monthly folder dated since she was born. So much happiness on one external drive.

There aren't many photos that predate the kids on the drive, because E's birth was what prompted our purchase of a DSLR. There are a few things, though, like this one below from Rome, December 2003:

See how I'm wearing the "real" camera, the film one, around my neck? The lovely husband had our new novelty, a point-and-shoot digital, in his hands. We have hundreds of photos from that trip and they're all printed out in a box somewhere in the basement. I'd have to find that box, hook up the scanner, and who still does those things? But the grainy pixelated low quality digital is right here, and I love it just as much. That trip was magical. And I miss those sunglasses.

As adults we do this, we look back and we indulge in nostalgia. I am very much looking forward to see how L explains her past to her classmates. We condition kids to look forward, and although the idea is assumed, we rarely expressly point out to them how important it is to cherish their foundations. It's a silly tradition on the surface, maybe, this Star of the Week stuff, but she's gets to explore how far she's come, see how big she's gotten, and what is kindergarten if not a stage setting for all there is to come?

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