Monday, November 11, 2013

Just visiting

Veterans Day is always Visiting Day at the girls' school, a day-long open house where teachers pretend they don't mind conducting their classrooms with a few dozen scrutinizing, tuition-paying witnesses lining the perimeter walls. The kids love visiting day, pulling their parents to view artwork and math assignments, photos tacked up under the Reflex Math accomplishment board and names on the runners' club list.

This was the first year we had to split ourselves between two classrooms, and although I was nervous at disappointing either girl, the arrangement made the day much easier. In the past two years E cringed if we missed even a moment but today she understood she'd be sharing us with L. We criss-crossed the halls, alternating and alternating wending G through the halls. I saw E give a report on Jane Goodall and L master her cannonball lowercase letters. I am always gratified to see them thriving in their little nests.

Visiting Day was scheduled through 2pm, though school goes until 3:30. We said goodbye to the girls and the lovely husband and G went off to the grocery store. I went for a coffee and a pedicure because I never have a weekday afternoon hour of solitude. All my colleagues at work called this a vacation day, but I was very happy with my vacation hour.

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