Sunday, September 29, 2013

'Twas the night before nobody averted a government shutdown

Were I merely a government employee, I might be looking at the current American political situation with a mix of disappointment in our Congress, an eye on my bank statement, and a bit of delight at the notion of some unbridled personal time.

But lo, I am not merely a government employee, for I am also a parent of a child who attends preschool in my employer's building, and as such I am a mama of a boy whose school will close if the shutdown shuts us down.

That just changed the shutdown.

The boy does not like when the girls aren't home. He doesn't notice when he's gone, too, but to keep him home (for an undetermined length of time?) while they go to big-kid school every day, the one he thinks he should be going to anyway and feels indignation at for not going, the boy who doesn't like disruptions to his routine, the boy who isn't going to think much of staying home with mama all day--

this is not your unbridled personal time kind of shutdown. If I'm seeing no paycheck, I'll also be motivated to keep him calm if not happy without spending much or any money, so thus far I've determined that we will

:: walk to the park
:: ride bikes to the park
:: ride scooters to the park
:: hit up story time at the library
:: spend a lot of time at the pool at the JCC, where we're members anyway, and swim laps with the athletic old people
:: volunteer in his sisters' classrooms, if that doesn't further antagonize him about not being big enough to just attend there himself

Got any other ideas for my meager list?

He was either shaking his fist at our elected leaders or encouraging me to photograph a miniscule boo-boo. Either way, he's on message.

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