Tuesday, July 9, 2013


That precocious girl L lost her third tooth yesterday while at preschool. She’s so nonchalant now, lost a tooth, mama, no bigs. With the first two she called me from the classroom downstairs (and I love her teachers so much who are the kind of teachers who say “yay! An exciting thing happened to you! Want to call your mom?”) but she couldn’t be bothered yesterday. I had to find out at pickup.

I think this tooth was evicted, as grownie teeth #1 and 2 are already occupying the space of babies #1-3. Eminent domain, y’all. Luckily the tooth fairy was there to provide compensation.

[Side note: the tooth fairy left L what I had been certain was a Sacajawea golden dollar coin but was actually a Rutherford B. Hayes dollar coin. Old Ruthy there just does not convey the same romance. L was underwhelmed.]

The wonderful thing about L missing her lower left-center tooth and having two little toothlets in the lower right-center positions is that her smile currently exactly matches her father’s with his missing tooth and two bent-back broken teeth, bless their hearts and future orthodontia expenses.

But their fun is short lived, as the lovely husband has his first dental surgery tomorrow morning. They’re actually pulling a healthy tooth because it’s sturdier to bridge in four fake teeth than three. He’ll get implant posts put in tomorrow and four fake plastic teeth called snappers. He’s turning into a Lego action figure. Next year sometime, the snappers will be unsnapped and he’ll get permanent falsies.

So this is just a blink, a moment, a twinkle of an eye tooth: tomorrow she’ll just be a precocious five-year-old again, and he’ll be a 39-year-old man with the teeth of an octogenarian--

but right at this moment they’re a perfect matched set.

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