Sunday, March 10, 2013

In truths that she learned, or times that (s)he cried

Today was the final Club competition, the culmination of the season that's been so important to my sweet E (and her rising kindergartner sister, too, who is raring to participate). We climbed high in the bleachers, held aloft a video camera, cheered our hearts out. She disappeared behind a curtain, emerged shaking pom-poms and executing choreography, sweetly serious and exuberantly disciplined.

The MC talked about team competition and mind development and confidence building. Coordination, school pride, community. She could have been speaking directly to us. For my girl, it's been all of those things. It's built her body confidence and motivated her to learn things that scared her before, like cartwheels. Now she's like a purple windmill twirling all over the yard.

One year ago when she was a sweet kindergartner herself we didn't know much about the Club but some friends suggested we go to the final Club competition. It's just lots of fun school spirit, they said. Not even really knowing what we were going to, we went to the competition and it was on that day that E determined she'd participate in first grade.

I only saw the first half of last year's competition. I left early, a bundle of nerves and excitement. I was enrolled that day in my first sewing class.

So much can happen in a year.

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