Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mischief managed

A balloon bouquet appeared on L's bed yesterday.

No. To be specific, the bouquet was over L's bed. It hovered.

Ahh. The balloons were to convey a delivery. This had happened once before.

A sweet owl pillow was suspended above her quilt by those balloon ribbons, and served as messenger for

a petite scroll.

Oh, Twinkles, you sneaky thing. How did you get in?

(Hello, cute owl.)

L came home yesterday and walked into her room, completely unexpecting anything out of the ordinary. Her astonishment was delicious, as was her dance-in-a-tangle-of-balloons marathon through the house. Throughout the evening and night, whenever anyone mentioned turning 5, she amended the phrase: I am five and ADDED TO THE LIST!

Because that's what happens, of course. You turn five and are registered with the Tooth Fairy Network. You are added to the fairies' watch list.

And that's why the fifth birthday is extra magical.

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