Friday, October 19, 2012

And if I say to you tomorrow

The internet might disappear tomorrow. Do you know about that? Well, I guess the internet could disappear any day but tomorrow is maybe-who-knows-but-possibly doomsday for Feedburner.

Do you care? You might without even realizing. Feedburner is what I use to syndicate my blog posts, and odds are, many other bloggers you enjoy reading use it, too. It was acquired a while back by Google, and Google has slowly but surely stopped supporting it as a product. And something blow-uppy might happen tomorrow; nobody's sure, and Google isn't saying.

A lot of bloggers I know have switched syndication services in the past month. I haven't because I don't think that Google will abandon all those clients without warning and we haven't yet received a warning; because switching syndication often results in severe subscription losses; and because most syndication services are more expensive than Feedburner's rate, which is free.

And yet, here we are. It's getting harder to talk to you and I love talking to you. All my life I had words aching to fall out of my brain but I never was able to commit to releasing them on a regular basis until you began coming here to read them.

My syndication might disappear tomorrow. Facebook won't show you all my links, even if you're subscribed to my page (have you been noticing that you're reading me less from Facebook? Because I've noticed that all my Facebook-oriented favorites have been 'liking' and commenting less. And Facebook tells me exactly how many of you see my links.

Facebook is not showing my links to all of you unless you add my page to your interest list or go through a multi-step process to confirm you want my posts in your feed, and really, I think that's ridiculous. So we can't rely on Facebook, either.

This post might never reach the group of you for whom I'm typing it. But if you notice tomorrow that I'm missing, and by the magic of web search you have the luck to find your way back, here is a list of all the places where you can find me:

This blog: The Not-Ever-Still Life
My sewing blog: Not Ever Sewing
My Tumblr account for the funny things my kids say: Not Ever Silent

My accounts on Instagram, Words With Friends, FoursquareKlout,, Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter are all under the name noteverstill.

(And while we're doing this, if you follow me, now is a good moment to assure you that I will follow you back. Unless you're a snarky spammer. I have no remorse over the 'block' button.)

(Should I go back to tweeting the links to new posts?)

I'm on Google+ here.

And I do have that widget in the left sidebar where you can subscribe by email, although that's a Feedburner thing, too. It's clear that I will have to change all this stuff around one day soon but I want to do so thoughtfully and not reactively. Most importantly, I want to do so without losing my connection to you.

Goodness, being accessible is complicated.

Take my hand, child, come with me. It's to a castle I will take you where what's to be, they say, will be.

See you tomorrow, I hope?
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