Saturday, September 29, 2012


"Mmmmm," the lovely husband sighed as he rolled over with a smile. "It's 9:15. They let us sleep to 9:15."

E had crawled in our bed sometime earlier, and it was her wakefulness that awoke us just then. The younger two had probably been awake for hours. Faintly, we could hear their voices drifting down the hall from L's room.

Lazily, we savored the slow morning. It took a few minutes to say good morning to them. And when we did, something was different. Just putting on my glasses and asking about diapers and food needs and looking around the chaos of the room and mentally balancing if its mess was worth the extra sleep, I didn't identify that difference right away.

It quickly became clear. Apparently some Ponies and Barbies had gotten haircuts.

And then I found the brunette human hair

and that's when my waking-up eyes decided that they would adjust to the light, after all.

Oh, yeah, Mama, I don't need a haircut anymore. I did it myself!

And so she had. Her 'do is asymmetrical and as short as an inch long in front, ear length at one ear, chin length at the other, and still shoulder length in back. (All pictures from bedtime, when Mama was ready to ponder this all.) We agreed to have a professional "even it out" tomorrow morning. She's going to end up with a pixie cut, I'm pretty sure, because I don't know what other reasonable options there are.

She cut her brother's hair, too. But not all of them, Mama, she said. Just some of his hairs. Over his eyebrows. But I left it long in the middle over his nose; doesn't he look handsome?

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