Sunday, August 26, 2012

For the first day of school

Tomorrow is E's first day of first grade. But it's not the real first day -- it's the first first day, which is really just a two-hour open house to meet her teachers and let me take a picture of her sitting at her desk and all that. Tuesday is the second first day, which is the real first day. That makes sense, right?

So I said, "hey E, what do you want to wear tomorrow?" and she said, that new sparkly outfit. Of course.

When I was eight and my grandfather died and my mom flew to Florida and packed up my grandmother and all her belongings worth saving in the back of my grandmother's huge grandma car and drove her to our house in New York, she pulled a sneaky trick on my brother and me. We had been losing our minds for Cabbage Patch Kid dolls because it was the mid-'80s and obviously and all our friends had them and you can only imagine. So my mother bought to Cabbage Patch Kids and put them on the floor of the exact middle of the backseat and piled all my grandmother's belongings around them. They got to our house and stopped in the middle of the driveway and opened both back doors to the car and she told us about the dolls. We were supposed to empty the car, for which we'd get our reward.

Well, in the end we couldn't be tricked. We pulled out exactly four items to burrow through the brass lamps and heavy picture frames and I swear, raccoons would have been proud of us. Mice. Moles. Whatever burrows, is what I'm saying, would have had envy at our skills. We got those dolls and I have to tell you with perfect clarity, we ran so fast into the house we didn't even close the back doors of the car. I remember the white paint reflecting on us in the pale sun, all askew.

We had a number of make-the-house-look-nice moments this weekend, and the laundry, oh, the laundry. It's so interminably not put away that I barely even discuss it because it's so Sisypheanly pointless, but it was extra bad this past week. I never told you about how sick G got this week (he's more or less okay now), but we went through a hundred diapers this week. I only wish I was exaggerating. Oh right, that's why I never told you. I was busy changing his diaper. But that fine event had occurred immediately after our return from the beach with three suitcases of sand-filled laundry, and there was a regular amount of dirty laundry malingering while we were gone. So I had managed to get it all processed through the washer and dryer whilst spending many, many hours with G this week, but not a drop got put away. The laundry mountain was epic.

Then the lovely husband carried it all up to our bed. And then you know what happened: the whole thing got shoved off the side of the bed so that some sleep could be sought.

I made good headway on the mountain today, but that is only really because I knew the sparkle outfit was somewhere in it. And there will only be one first-first day of first grade. And I found that outfit, but I had the feeling as I searched and sorted and folded that the grandma-car of my past was laughing mightily at me.

Not that my girl needs luck tomorrow, per se, but she's terribly anxious. So wish us luck anyway?

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