Friday, April 6, 2012

That elusive peace, and a moment of it

Somehow, by the grace of excitement and spring-break-induced departure from routines, all three kids slept through the night. At around sun-is-actually-up o'clock, little man G crawled up into our bed. Minutes later, E climbed in, too. And they played together, as the lovely husband and I cradled them in leg parentheses, waking slowly to happy sounds at our sides.

They were doing this sweet little thing, the kind of moment not even worth noticing which is exactly why it's worth noticing. They were kissing each other's palms. Kiss? E asked, and held out her hand. G kissed her on her memory line, scooping her hand into his, and squeezing it onto his puckered face so no love would be lost. And I'll kiss you! she offered in reciprocation, and he opened his hands obligingly. Is there anything sweeter than a little boy who learned to make a kissy sound?

And now kiss Mama! E instructed, and the best part about when G initiates a kiss is he double cheeks. Right-mwah! Left-mwah! He's so sophisticated and European, that one. A kiss on both cheeks delivered from my boy, and then I was awake.

There was soft sunlight dappling the air, and the realization that for the first time in perhaps weeks, I'd gotten enough sleep, and the further realization that with spring break, I had no particular obligations today. It was a more restful moment than one I can remember. It's such a go-go-go life, isn't it? this business of raising littles and working and feeding and laundering and still finding time to be ourselves, whatever each of our 'being' things are. We're celebrating Passover tonight and all weekend, and you're likely celebrating, too, or Easter, or maybe just the beautiful weather, and I hope you find peace and rest and happiness in your weekend, and some quiet moments in the sunshine.

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