Saturday, February 25, 2012


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Some trouble tonight: our beloved and valued nanny quit suddenly on us. She's 23 and moving to New York and those two teeny details paint the whole of that story. She's bought a bus ticket for tomorrow afternoon. I'm equal parts sad and devastated and frustrated at the no notice, but she's a good girl. She hasn't been happy living back with her parents after finishing college last year, and she has a degree in studio art, and if you're going to move to New York to try to establish yourself as an artist, there's no better time than when you're 23, I guess.

Although I wouldn't have argued against 23-and-a-half and finishing out E's school year before departing. Heavy sigh.

And now what.

We could try another nanny search, which was stressful and frustrating and so dependent on factors we couldn't control, and which worked out perfectly for us in the end, for a few months, but may have easily not worked out at all.

We could send her into her school's aftercare program, for which we think she'll protest mightily but will actually enjoy, now that she's settled into school life, and which is so much cheaper than an afterschool nanny but still closes 30 minutes earlier than we really need, meaning we'll still be scrambling at the end of the day (and especially for me when the lovely husband is out of town).

We could...get creative. I could try to be at work at 6am every day, which would accomplish what we need in terms of childcare, but would mean the lovely husband drove all three kids every morning, and I'd be picking up all three kids every afternoon, and he and I would barely see each other on our swing shifts, and all the kids would spend a lot of time in the car. And it would all fall apart anyway, as soon as the lovely husband was unavailable due to work.

Or we could get yet more creative, but the side effects, shall we say, get even nuttier. So that's the main agenda item for this week, except, oh, it's not: this is the week that heads into the lovely husband's big work conference.

You could say, without exaggeration, that this is the very worst week of the year for us to face a shortage in childcare. But we'll figure it out. We always do, of course, because what alternative is there?


But before anything else: tomorrow. I asked her to come to the house. She needs to return our house key and carseat, and I told her that I want her to tell E herself. Please send your favorite flavor of good vibes to us tomorrow morning. Sweet E has been thriving under her current stability, and logistics aside, that's what's devastating me. It's going to be rocky, and then we need to regroup. And at this moment, I don't have any idea how we're going to do it.
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