Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A memoir, written in advance

We attended several weddings in 2011, and ever since E has been captivated with two thoughts: 

1) convincing her aunt to get married so that E can be the flower girl
2) planning her own wedding.

She has so many ideas and talks about them so frequently that she's begun fretting that she'll forget them all before she is old enough to marry anybody. So I suggested she write them down. Writing is new enough to her to be an exciting proposition, and she's recently set her career ambition on being a Writer and Illustrator (please imagine the flourish in her voice and fingertips).

This isn't a new idea. E has been making books for years. But lately she's been on a creative rampage. She keeps a file folder now of works in progress, and you should hear her, all busy and important, when she asks (a touch imperially): has anyone seen my file folder? There's her own version a world atlas, each page a different city: Purpleville, Pinkville, Rainbowville, Fairyville. There's her Holiday Book, which begins with New Year's Day, Marthin Luther King Day, My Birthday. And there's My Book of Wedding Book, a current favorite of mine:

She dated her work. This will help you when she's world famous and you have to edit her anthology of collected works.

This is her wedding gown. She is so confident in my as-yet-unlearned sewing skills that those are real live roses, and you can sew them on for me, Mama.

Her flower girl is her sister, she's already announced. And her sister is delighted.

This is my favorite page: the faceless husband. Why faceless, you ask? Because I don't know who he is yet, silly! But he'll be dapper in his top hat and tie and two pocket squares.

Her bouquet. Elegant, yes?

And she's thoughtfully made arrangements for what all her friends will wear, too.

You know words are my first love. Maybe they're E's, as well. (What that says about the faceless husband, I'm not sure.) Or maybe they're a passing phase, but I love encouraging my little Author and Illustrator in Training. 

I have a post up today at Simple Kids on this very topic...

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