Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Little adventures

Third floor wall at America Eats Tavern, quoting my very favorite food writer.

I took a few hours of leave in the middle of the day today to ride the shuttle downtown and meet the lovely husband for lunch at a fantastic pop-up restaurant that might be closing shortly. We had a decadent meal, especially for a Tuesday lunch.

Maybe that it was a Tuesday lunch was what made it so decadent.

Sometimes we plan day-dates like this, figuring the kids' school and daycare already-paid-for balance a no-babysitter-needed cost against a few hours of vacation time. Sometimes we try monthly to meet for lunch or a movie, and sometimes life gets too busy, or meetings and business trips get too booked, and we forget. It had been a little while, and it was nice to be back.

This is our season: we don't have room in our {bank accounts | childrens' sense of security | work schedules | community responsibilities | quotidian tasks} lives for many big adventures away, the two of us. So we have little ones, when we can, and share pie and dream about the bigger ones and when they'll happen, and also smile on the everydays we have now, the ones that are so glorious in their mundane everydayness.

It's not that we don't talk every day; it's that too much talk happens across a laundry pile or a skype line or half-packed lunches. Too little talk happens across linen tablecloths {that someone else laundered and pressed}. Too little happens across pie.

And the pie: it was that good.

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