Monday, November 12, 2012

Visiting day

Veterans Day is visiting day at E's school. 

First grade is a whole different world from kindergarten. Last year's visiting day was like a day-long party. There were games and songs and snacks. 

This whole first grade thing? They sit at desks and raise their hands and stuff. It's real school. But E raised her hand a ton, and it was gratifying to see that she's not the nose-picking kid or the one who fidgets so much  that his chair falls repeatedly to the ground. She's not the distracted one or the incessant talker. She seems to have it pretty together, as first graders apparently go.

One teacher complimented E's conscientiousness to me. One teacher told me how much she enjoys E's giggle, commenting that hearing it makes her laugh, as well. And although last year we stayed for the whole day, today we left after two hours. E's studiousness pleases us, but it's not so interesting as an observer.

And then, because Veterans Day is a federal holiday and my work was closed, I did the most rare and delicious thing: I came home and took a long nap. I wouldn't mind if that became part of the annual tradition.

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