Thursday, November 1, 2012

Meet the candidate

Ever since I began learning how to sew in March, all three kids have come up with grand ideas of what I should create for them. E, however, has developed more than an appreciation for my output, and has begun sewing a little herself. With a preprinted fabric panel from Spoonflower, she just completed her first doll. She hand-stitched the pieces together using an embroidery hoop (and I reinforced her stitches by machine) and stuffed her little friend and whipstitched her closed. It should be obvious that I'm proud of her, but I'm also flattered that she takes an interest in my interests. I have the coolest kids, you know.

This lovely lady is the newest member of our family and is currently sleeping, nestled lovingly in the crook of my eldest's elbow. There is a tradition in E's class that friends who acquire new dolls come to class with a short list of favorite names and their classmates vote on what to name the doll. E loves to think big, though, and asked for help looking for all the good girl names. So I set up my girl with a research project: a baby name website. And now she's asking for your vote. Her first plan was to email her relatives, but as I sat at the laptop, she was inspired to turn where I often go from the laptop, to you, our lovely blog readers. We need you to vote a new name into use.

About this candidate
She is about 10" tall, confident but quiet, woven, printed, and assembled right here in the USA.

About this election
In accordance with what E has learned about the electoral process, you do not need to show your photo ID to vote in Maryland, and the polls will be open until 8pm ET on Tuesday. After the returns are counted, we'll announce the results of the election on Tuesday night.

About your election judge
This particular six-year-old is very excited to have been learning about the electoral process in school and is very proud to have come up with her own ballot referendum. Please participate in this demonstration of democracy in action and show her how the process works by leaving your vote in a comment below.

The doll name choices (please select only one)



























Thank you for supporting an American dream.

UPDATED: The results have been counted and the winner, announced.

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Aimee @ Smiling Mama said...


diana onorio funk said...

I vote for Carmela. It was my grandma's name!

Thrift Store Mama said...

I was thinking Carmela too. So classic

Emily Sovich said...

I like Bina!

sara lafountain said...

I vote for Hannah

Carolina (@braziliancakes) said...

I vote for Carmela as well, mostly because I love names that begin with "C".

Anonymous said...


April Baker said...

Aliza! She looks like an Aliza.

Stacey said...

I think Rivka is beautiful and different!

Christina D. said...


Uncle Matt said...

Dude, I'm just the uncle. To describe what I don't know about naming a little girl's doll as "encyclopedic" underestimates by a few dozen miles.

But if my niece insists that I vote, I see a few options:

1) Grant E my proxy to vote as she sees fit. Whatever name she chooses will surely be the perfect one anyway.

2) Cinder. For reasons that will be obvious to you.

3) Does Rainbow Sparkle Firepants Sally need a name partner?

4) But if you want to pick a name from the list that reflects the characteristics you cited -- "about 10" tall, confident but quiet, woven, printed, and assembled right here in the USA" -- the closest approximation might be Gabriella.

Smith Family said...

Smith family votes as such:

E for Livia.
H for Livia.
M for Daniella.
J for Hannah (if pronounced coreectly)

Erin Quinn said...


Amanda said...

Bina! So original. :)

De in D.C. said...


Hippie Housewife said...

Where was E when I was looking for names for my baby girl?? This is a great list of names! It was hard to choose, but I think I'm going to vote for Livia.

Jill said...

Another vote for Carmela, which was also my beloved grandmother's name

fireflyandlightningbug said...

G votes for Eliza
C votes for Hannah
I vote for Molly


Elaine Maag said...


Ama_Runs said...

I vote for Tova!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Hannah. It is your gigi name. Love Grandma

Anonymous said...

I like Rivka.


Anonymous said...

My L votes for Shira(h) as it is her middle name. If D could tell me I think she would vote for Talia, since it's similar to her name. I vote for Orly, I've always liked the name, my light.

Shannon said...

I like Flora. She is my favorite Sleeping Beauty fairy (the red one)!

Aunt Esther said...

My vote is for Aliza.

Denise said...

I vote for Eve!

Jane said...

Flora :)

This Heavenly Life said...

This is a tough, tough choice.

Carmela stood out right away as a very strong candidate, but I was also taken with Rivka and Orly.

....I choose....

....let's see....

I should just go with my gut.


Carmela, for sure.

Hermia Commutes said...

I like Flora. or Daniella. But I have to follow directions and vote for one name only. So I go with Daniella.

Alicen said...

Daniella please :)

Jessica McFadden said...

Eve! (It's my first daughter's name. :)