Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breakfast recipe

We eat in the car each morning. In the category of "how do you do it all," that's a big one. Hot breakfasts around a table are the propriety of weekends (or dinner (yum, waffles for dinner)). We have our morning routine shaved efficiently down to the minute. 

There is one exception: E eats at home because she gets carsick. But she's also the kid who can get herself dressed, so she finds eating time while her siblings do their professional dilly-dallying. Plus, she eats chickpeas for breakfast most mornings. Chickpeas don't take long. 

Wow, food quirks are quite a thing, huh?

So the lovely husband takes two bagels: one plain, one blueberry, both with plain cream cheese. He's eaten that same breakfast every day for...forever, or at least since the late '90s when I first knew anything of his breakfast habits.

I take an egg and cheese bagel. L gets half an everything bagel (spread halfsies butter/cream cheese) and G gets her other half, spread with cream cheese. The three of us share two sliced apples.

This is the important part:

all the extra bits that fall off the everything bagels -- who knows what they're really called, but we call them the yummies. (G calls them the nummies, which is even better.)

You have to eat most of your bagels first. Then, drag your apple slices through the loose yummies. 

The sweet, crunchy apples are made so much better with the savory onion and garlic, the salt and the seeds. And don't those flavors sound Thanksgiving-y together? Maybe that's why I wanted to tell you about our breakfast ritual right now.

(But if you're thinking: "goodness, Robin, that sounds disgusting!" well, it was my kids who started it. And everyone knows kids are gross.)

What's your favorite breakfast food?
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Uncle Matt said...

Throw in some stock and that sounds like a pretty good soup.

Hippie Housewife said...

Best. Recipe. Ever.

Stacey said...

LOL that does sound gross!


Thrift Store Mama said...

What a great routine ! We start every.single.breakfast with a small glass of cranberry juice (trying to keep the UTIs at bay).

We also let the, have a small chocolate chip muffin, or a small piece of pundcake or some othe inappropriate breakfast food. It gets something in to the stomach and gets the sugar going to the head. Usually followed by cereal or a bagel or waffles.

Back when they were littles, every day had a specific food attached to it so that there wasn't any choosing. Monday muffins, Tuesday toast, Wednesday waffles, etc.

It worked SO WELL and also let them know subconsciously whether it was a stay home day or a daycare day.

De in D.C. said...

I just can't fathom that anyone would choose to eat chickpeas over bagels! But yay for L!