Monday, March 26, 2012

Green day

Today was green day. That's a thing that happened recently; every day has a color. There's a schedule. E made it, of course. One day she just said, tomorrow is purple day! and because it seemed important to her and also amusing to us, which is the very best kind of convergence, we agreed and everyone wore purple.

Oh, yeah. Did you think this was all abstract? This is about what you wear. Please have pangs along with E for her brother's regrettable lack of sartorial options on pink day.

That's what happened. Purple day was purple day and we all obliged, and then we woke up the next morning to learn that it was red day. I might not have been so gung-ho a second time but E announced the day's assignment to me just after I had gotten out of the shower, and lo and behold, I had put on some red unders. Good, Mama! she said with much praise and appreciation. While I had been in the shower she had coordinated her siblings' outfits, all in red, of course, and L was really excited. She looked like a cherry-pop hobo, with her red gauzy blouse and her thick red tights and her fleecy red skirt, a clash of seasons and textures but uniformly tomato in hue. And G had red socks, even. The thing is, the younger two usually fuss so much about getting dressed and E had managed everything so smoothly. Red day it was.

I installed a green zipper today on green day. Isn't it pretty?

We've been getting dressed in color order for about a week and a half. Tomorrow, if you'd like to play along, is yellow day. I am not blonde but if you are, E tells me that yellow hair counts.
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