Thursday, February 16, 2012

My colors are blush and bashful

First, my friends, an update, because I'm sure you've been wondering with bated breath how E's visit to the ENT went this evening:

terribly! We now have two children suckling on amoxycillin for ear infections. E's holes have not closed, but the infection has given us a two-week reprieve, which (thank God for small favors) is just long enough to earn us one of the very first appointments on our regular doctor's schedule following her return from maternity leave. Lucky Dr. Earl, to return to the noble practice of medicine with us. Oy.

And now, a story:

when her father doesn't take E to school (because he's working 27-hour days, for example), I pile all three kids in my car. We drop off E and then L, G and I get on the DC Beltway to travel from her school's neighborhood to our own destination a few miles east. The Beltway is more or less a circle, but it was carved through neighborhoods as it was built and so it's a very lumpy circle. Our particular eastbound section from E's school to my work has a lot of quick curves, or, as L exclaims with delight every time, it's time to drive swirly! 

I made you a helpful illustration.

You know that the girls have long wanted to "help" with my makeup and G has recently taken an interest in the ritual. Despite my Beltway-consistent admonitions to L that no makeup happens until we get off the highway and find red lights again, L asks to hold makeup constantly. Somehow, and I have no idea how, she got my little makeup bag in her hands today. I can only guess she snatched it from the front seat before I even left the garage this morning.

We were graced with good traffic this morning and so I was turning the steering wheel left and right and swirling us along when I hear Miss Ever-Helpful offer her brother a chance to hold some makeup. G, do you want the box? she asked and I heard her snap open the lid of my blush. She got the brush out of its little underneath drawer and handed it to him. Ooh! he said. And the car got very, very quiet.

We have seven-ish miles to traverse before I will come to a stop and have a chance to look backwards but suddenly I notice that the car is filling up with pink cloud. "Hey, L, what's your brother doing?" I ask. Oh, he's brushing back and forth and back and forth. Mama, now the air is swirly, too!

image via Filippo Minelli

So on this dreary gray day as my grimy gray car careened the curves of the Beltway, I hope I brought a smile to some other motorists' faces as I unrolled our windows a little and let out a dual stream of pink pixie dust. 

image via Ian Mynard

I know he made his teachers smile when he ran into daycare, once we finally arrived, and I explained what had happened as I brushed him clean of Primrose Passion crotch.

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