Friday, January 13, 2012

Week in review

image credit: The Traveling Blues by Anthony Zinonos

Also known as: if a blogger falls in a forest...

If you recall that last week the lovely husband took a trip to Texas just as mister G got sick, you will not be surprised, given the speed of contagion and timing of business trips, that sweet L fell ill just as the lovely husband hopped a plane to Florida.

It's been a week of juggling and fever-checking and schedule-rearranging, but none of it is actually that interesting. Here are the blog posts I never got to write:

How to rock a presentation on four hours' sleep
  • Don't get dressed in your nice clothes too early, for surely your son will open his packed lunch bag, eat avocado with his hands, and hug you around your knees
  • Only one cup of coffee, then switch to green tea -- you get jittery when you pile too much caffeine on too little sleep
  • Navy mascara makes the whites of your eyes look brighter, and as a result you look more awake
  • Baby wipes stolen from your son's stash at daycare drop-off will remove most of the avocado stains you hadn't noticed while you were still home
  • For the rest, you can keep your right knee tucked behind the podium, and you'll be fine

Why sick toddlers are better than sick preschoolers
  • The toddler wants comfort by being held -- he can fall asleep on you and you can watch TV that interests you
  • The preschooler wants comfort by talking to you nonstop -- she wants her questions answered all day and then wants to sit on your lap while she watched Caillou
  • There is nothing worse than a Caillou lockdown
  • The toddler doesn't argue about a nap
  • The toddler confines his vomit to his bedsheets

Why the lovely husband isn't traveling next week
  • Because it's a short week and he almost never travels on short weeks since everyone's business schedules are already compressed and complicated
  • Because we have one more child, and the speed of contagion is constant
  • Because my remaining hours of sick leave can be counted on one hand
  • Because we all need him home for a while

Daycare was closed today for a professional development day, and it was time to visit E's school for her Star of the Week celebration. So the lovely husband and I had both already arranged to take today off from work. We took L and G in to kindergarten for an hour, where E shone in the attention of the class ritual. And now we're at the top of a four-day weekend, so listen up, weekend: I'm expecting you to be a lot of fun, I'm expecting you to pick up your toys, and I'm expecting you to be germ-free.
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