Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another day at the office

There was a time when E would ask for E-Mama time, meaning that she needed some exclusive attention separate from her siblings. I would say, "your office or mine?" Her office was her bed and my office was my bed, because, as it turns out, the very most productive meetings place snuggling at the top of the agenda.

Then E got a promotion (to kindergarten) and she acquired a new office. I'm fairly certain that the rest of the school community proceeds up the walkway and into the building. But not E: she has deemed the courtyard to be her new office.

Every time I pick her up, she beckons me into her office. It's a tranquil little space, dappled in the afternoon sun and just removed from the elementary cacophony that releases like a burst valve from the building into the world mere feet away. And because her siblings' daycare closes hours later than her kindergarten, a 15-minute meeting in her office is the ultimate E-Mama time.

"I thought your office was in your bed?" I asked her once. She rolled her eyes at me as she skipped around the circle. That's my home office, Mama. This is my work office.

Remember when she didn't like this school? Now I can't get her to leave.

Related: my work office doesn't have a tutu dress code. Someone should look into that.

PS: $20 glasses. I tried this company, and they're the real deal. Add new glasses to the list of errands you can complete from your couch. Or your home office. Pin It