Sunday, September 11, 2011


Kindergarten is throwing all of us into things for which we don't feel prepared. I explained 9/11 to my sweet, innocent E today, letting her think of it as she framed it, an event in the distant past, which is a fair perspective from her point of view: it happened two whole lifetimes ago.

Two lifetimes ago: for me, that's thinking about the middle of World War II. What was two lifetimes ago for you? Let her think about 9/11 as a long time ago, I decided. The distance makes it less scary.

Tomorrow her school will commemorate the day with a moment of silence and some other small activities, and I want her to be informed. I don't want her to hear the wrong information in the wrong way and feel scared.

I'm typing today from the same couch I sat on that day ten years ago, when the lovely husband and I watched the news and cried. And this is my favorite of what I've ever written about 9/11: how we made the decision to orient ourselves towards hope. Pin It