Friday, August 19, 2011

Your input needed

1) I think little man G has croup. He woke up from his nap with a fever and he sounds like an emphyzemic sea lion. Can you get croup in the middle of August? And even if you can, who does that?

2) I realized my beloved purse is starting to look a little shabby. I've used it almost every day for over a year, so fair enough, but a) I love it sooooo much, and b) I can't figure out what to replace it with that will be more wonderful than this; because c) I bought this right when I went back to work after G was born, when I needed a Big Purse for carrying many Baby Things simultanous to My Things in as few packages as possible because I was adjusting to mama-ing three whole people and everything felt a little hectic.

3) I totally love run-on sentences and don't even bother to cringe; I saw you do it and I just don't care.

So, but 4) I think I want a small purse now but what if I'm not a small purse person? Discuss.

5) Bonus points for specific purse recommendations. Know that this one is deep purple and fabulous and I only buy purses in fantastic colors and I don't care if it matches my shoes or my jacket. I just care if it's wonderful and keep your beige away from me.

6) Maybe my fellow Pinners have seen something lately?

Source: via Robin on Pinterest

That totally non-related image brought to you by Pinterest, because I love it.

7) (The image- I love the image.) (Although I love Pinterest, too. Why aren't you over there yet? Let me know if you need an invite.) What would you use Pinterest for? Right now I'm keeping tracking of kitchen remodeling ideas on one board, landscape ideas on another, food I want to make on a third, and pretty-just-because-images, too.

8) While you're window shopping for me, could you find some interesting fall boots for work that don't have a heel?

9) I totally want to recreate that photo with E's hair. Think she'd let me?

10) Next week is E's last week ever at her daycare, since she starts kindergarten the following Monday. I want to spend this weekend helping her make goodbye cards to her teachers. Any ideas for a little gift she could make, staying mindful that she'd have to make about 15 of them?

Okay, team, get to work. Take your time but if you need to prioritize, work on #5 first. Go! Pin It