Sunday, July 10, 2011

Publication date

You may not have realized that today was an important day. E debuted her new book. As you know, their friend recently moved to Spain, and the girls have been assembling a care package for her. E decided to include a book, and so she wrote one. (Might I say, it's pretty fantastic.)


(written and illustrated by E, age 5-and-almost-a-half)

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess.
She lived in a tall, tall castle.

One day, the princess decided to take a walk. She asked her mom and dad, and they said yes.

After a few steps of walking, the princess came to a forest. After a few trees, there were four more trees. Behind those four trees, there was a lion. The lion wanted to eat the princess.

After the princess walked in front of the first two trees that the lion was hiding behind, the lion took two steps back. Then, the lion jumped out from behind those two trees and the princess said,


Then, suddenly the princess's fairy godmother appeared. The fairy godmother waved her wand over the princess. Then, the princess grabbed the wand out of the fairy godmother's hand. Then, the princess waved the wand at the lion.

The lion immediately turned into a prince!

Then, the fairy godmother disappeared in a golden cloud of puff. There was only one red heart left in the cloud of puff.

Then, the princess and prince walked towards each other.

Then, the princess and prince introduced themselves. Then, the prince told the princess the story of how he turned into a lion. An evil fairy had put a spell on him because the evil fairy had wanted the prince to eat the princess.

Then the princess took the princess to her castle and showed him around.

Then the princess and the prince got into their wedding clothes. The princess's wedding clothes were yellow and the prince's wedding clothes were indigo.

The castle was beautiful. Roses were falling from the top of the castle. There were streamers hanging from every corner. People were carrying the rose baskets and throwing the roses up in the air and the other person carried the pillows with the rings.

Even the garden was beautiful. The workers planted beautiful flowers for the princess and prince. There was even a unicorn in the garden and only the princess and prince could see her.

After the wedding was over, they celebrated a party to welcome the prince. The prince was up on stage but only the princess could see the stage. There was music and dancing and everyone was wearing beautiful Spain costumes. They were Irish dancing.

One day, after a few weeks from the party and wedding, the princess got lost. The prince was all alone because the king and queen had to go search for the princess with the soldiers because there weren't many soldiers.

After the queen and king and soldiers found the princess, they had another party to celebrate the princess's return. Once again, there was music and lots of dancing.

After the wild and long party, the whole family went to sleep. And they lived happily ever after.


Don't you find her story so charming? It made me really happy for at least four reasons:

1) she put an incredible amount of time and creativity into this book project, and from the very beginning it was always her plan to make this book just to give it away. It makes me swell with mama-pride.

2) And regarding the mama-pride: E really did this on her own. All I did was stitch five folded sheets of printer paper into a piece of construction paper with a scrap of ribbon; and later, type the narrative as she dictated it to me. She conceived and executed the whole story line and the illustrations.

3) All that reading we do together is clearly sinking in. Girlfriend knows the elements of a story! And all the classic tropes required in standard fairy-tale fare, too.

4) It's so her: her five-year-old, filled with wonder brain, put to paper. An invisible unicorn? And the princess wants to go for a walk so she asks her mom and dad? I love it.

And now, Bri, it's in the sealed box, and tomorrow a love-filled and eccentric care package will be on its way to you. We hope you enjoy it. (And thank you for all of you who made suggestions on what to include. Lollipops, silly bands and silly putty are all inside!)

Now tell me, dear friends, what amazing projects have your kids been working on lately? I want to have ideas on hand for the next time she wants to tackle something involved like this, although I'm sure there is also more bookbinding in my future.
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