Friday, June 24, 2011

Incident report

image via ilovedoodle

Little man G took a little man spill on the playground today. It’s okay for two reasons: there was no blood, and it happened because he was running.

Despite his total tough-guy okayness, a little man spill is a little man incident and I had to sign an Incident Report to acknowledge that I had been informed about said incident. The incident report has a block that describes the incident, a block that describes the school’s management of the incident, and a signature line for a teacher and for me. This is what the second block of today’s report said:

  • gave hugs
  • administered ice
  • watched him carefully for signs of injury (there were none)
and I love it that gave hugs is part of the Official Recourse, the first part, no less. And now that’s part of G’s permanent record: G had a boo-boo. He was given hugs.

My friends, in many ways this has been a long week. I'm not sorry that it's over. I'm ending it as I wonder what it would be like if that's how the whole world operated:
  • There has been An Incident.
  • Give hugs.
Wishing you all hug-full, incident-free weekends.
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