Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's near your wallet?

In defense of what I'm about to confess, when I'm managing three kids I can't deal with a diaper bag, too. My purse is our catchall.

The agency where I work inspects all bags upon exit. They peek inside my purse every every time I leave the building for lunch or at the end of the day. The security guards have the option to inspect every piece of paper. Imagine that: every receipt, gum wrapper, kid's drawing that you've promised to cherish forever, grocery list, small notepad, crumpled post-its, that birthday card you meant to sign and mail four days ago.

After I took the kids to the doctor on Monday and lucked out with only cursory inspections on Tuesday, I knew I had to empty out my purse before going back in to work on Wednesday.

I removed:
  • two clean diapers
  • and a dirty one (just wet, and rolled up tightly, thankyouvermuch)
  • a package of wipes
  • seven rocks
  • an empty sippy cup
  • pinata droppings
  • a miniature maraca
  • three uninflated balloons
  • and yes, a lot of paper.
But I can't give up my big purse.


Apropos of nothing, it's our second child who's obsessed with rainbows but we saw a spectacular one today and she wasn't that excited. Our eldest, however, who happened to be wearing a rainbow dress, spent ten minutes bringing all her dolls out to the front porch so they could enjoy the light show.

So, you know, just another typical week in the noteverstill house. I managed to throw out a saturated diaper before it exploded (win!) and the skies were so beautiful that even our non-breathing friends could appreciate its majesty (double win).

And tomorrow is Friday. Winwinwinwinwin. May your weekend plans be joyous and your handbags urine-free.

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