Sunday, April 3, 2011

The boy

put my glasses in the VCR yesterday. (It's hard to rescue anything from the VCR without wearing your glasses.)

has figured out how to unscrew the cap on his sisters' toothpaste. He sucks it as he walks up and down the second-floor hallway.

likes for you to hold him upside-down. He will stand in front of you (looking out) and put your hands on his hips and launch himself backwards, even if you don't realize what's happening. More than once, he will slam his skull into the bridge of your nose until you figure out your role and act fast.

dunked the cable/DVR remote into a glass of water yesterday.

had trouble sleeping last night, joined us in our bed, pulled up my t-shirt, and rubbed my belly with his palm until he fell asleep.

and had a new tooth this morning.

likes to carry his own diapers to the garbage can.

thinks an everything bagel is the best food in the world.

's pacifiers all smell like garlic breath.

holds the baby monitor up to his ear, cocks his head, and sweetly says hi.

leans against me when he's tired and lets me play with his curls.

has a wild set of curls.

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