Sunday, January 30, 2011

After the crumbs

This is today. Cake has been lovingly crafted and manically deconstructed. Presents have been opened on Wednesday, on Friday, on Saturday and this afternoon. Candles were blown out and wishes made three times, at least.

Birthdays only happen once apiece so it's a shame to limit them to just one day, isn't it?

E's been feted and feted and feted again. She's been squeezed with love from friends, from teachers, from family and from her Tooth Fairy; from DVDs and new fairy dolls and a whole caddy of fresh new markers. There's not much better than new markers, is there? Except maybe leftover birthday cake, even if it's getting a little dried out at the edges.

This was yesterday. The 'somewhere over the rainbow' cake that E requested for her "family birthday" was rainbow-y enough to send her into squeals of delight, and if one day she'll recount the many ways I'll have failed her, I want her also to remember the thousand ways I always went the extra mile for her, that I made her rainbow cakes until my cuticles were green and pink. I do believe that food=love. I do believe that girl is worth green cuticles.

And now we're undoing wire packaging and saving tissue paper where it's salvagable for future decoupaging projects and road-testing 700 new toys. We're saying goodbye to the lovely husband, who has a week of California meetings ahead of him and an evening flight away from us; and to the extended family who came to celebrate; and to the feeling of living on vacation, with nothing but parties and cake.

Tomorrow E goes to visit her kindergarten again. It's another Monday of an ordinary week. But at least there's still some leftover cake, so we can carry traces of the magic feeling of birthday celebrations with us for just a little bit longer.

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