Friday, November 18, 2011


Today as I was leaving work my hurried steps were arrested by a dazzling tree. It seems I am always hurrying.

Its golden crown glowed boldly against its barren brethren in a sunsetting sky. I paused just barely to admire it. It'll be gone by Monday, I thought.

And then I chastised myself. Maybe I don't pause enough to appreciate beauty. Maybe you don't, either. Let's work on this, yes?

So even though I was in a hurry, I stopped for this picture for us.

Today two friends celebrated birthdays. Today I heard of another woman my age diagnosed with breast cancer. Today I passed a terrible accident on the Beltway.

Today I thought I was too busy for beauty, but I let beauty win over my thoughts.

Today I came home to my lovely family and a weekend that is chock filled with good plans.

I hope your weekend is full, too. Happy weekend, my friends.
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