Thursday, November 24, 2011

For which I am grateful

♥ Foremost, the lovely husband
♥ that he never objects to my ideas
♥ our three crazypants kids
♥ strong coffee
♥ uninterrupted sleep

♥ kindergarten craft table centerpieces

♥ gray with purple
♥ navy with purple
♥ indigo, all alone
♥ wireless internet
♥ our big backyard

♥ that gender stereotypes have no place in our home: that one girl plays with worms; one wants to be a firefighter and marry her friend Grace; that our boy mimics his sisters, digs in the nailpolish box, and holds out his hands
♥ social media
♥ our health and financial stability
♥ pens that write in ink other than blue or black
♥ that ‘I love you’ is heard a thousand times a day inside our walls

♥ apple pie
♥ friends, both the ones we can see and the ones who live in the computer
♥ E’s successful transition to kindergarten and the welcoming school community
♥ our afterschool nanny/private art camp director
♥ hammocks

♥ having more ideas than time
♥ the new-this-week highway that’s reducing my commute time by a third
♥ Dagoba certified organic chocolate lip balm, lavender flavor
♥ Shabbat dinner
♥ beach vacations past and future

♥ the great daycare in my building that meant I never face working-mama guilt
♥ no working-mama guilt
♥ my work
♥ my purple boots
♥ my sunroof, and November days mild enough for cracking it open

♥ art and artists
♥ post-kids’-bedtime tea
♥ holding hands
♥ the written word
♥ you.

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Ninotchka said...


Christi said...

I'm thankful for you too, for your writing and for your take on the world.