Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So begins the age of Kindergarten Knowledge:

Mama! Mama! I learned the meanest word today!

"What is it, baby?"

It’s the very meanest word in the whole wide world and you can’t say it to anybody. But I can say it to you, okay? But I’m not being mean to you; I’m just telling you.

"Okay, baby. I won’t be upset."

It’s FOCK.


Yeah. FOCK. It’s the meanest word.

"Who taught you about it?"

Oh, S____ told me. Her older brother told her about it. You can’t say it to anybody, okay?

"I won’t, love. Promise."

And I won’t, either.

"Okay, baby."

But, Mama?

"Yes, love?"

Can I just say it one more time before I never say it again?

"Yes, love. Why don’t you yell it really loud to say it the very most of saying it before you never say it again, since it’s so mean."


"Sure. Go ahead."


That felt good, Mama. And now it’s okay if I don’t say it again, and I won’t be sad, because I really said it now, didn’t I?

"You did, love."

Mama? Will Daddy be mad that I said the meanest word?

"No, love. He’ll understand. I promise."

Can I tell him one time when he gets back home from Phoenix?

"He’ll be home tonight. You can tell him one time."

I get to say FOCK to Daddy! Goody!

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