Monday, November 14, 2011

After (bilateral myringotomy and tubes - removed)

You all are wonderful. This morning was awful, but you know how surgeries are scheduled - all of the awful was at the crack of dawn and when it was entirely over we drove out of the parking lot and into morning rush hour.

E's tubes are out. Yes, tubes, which was a surprise for everyone. The one that was visible is gone and the one that had fallen back into its own hole so nobody knew about it was pulled out, too. Hindsight is a kaleidescope, and when we first had those things put in we thought we were alleviating the misery of awful ear infections. In the end, on balance, there's no way of knowing if that was a well-measured decision, since they brought so much misery themselves. But they're gone now, and E was very animated as we left, yelling at the nurses: Don't say 'see you later' to me! Because I WILL NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN!

E's ear tubes on a penny. Gross? I don't care. This is for you, worrying mamas of the future, because 'bilateral myringotomy and tubes' is one of the most popular incoming searches to my blog. The browned one is the one that had fallen back into its hole.
And now, dear friends, a short story:

on Sunday afternoon I sorted the Halloween candy. For our kids, Halloween is really mostly exciting for the costumes and the trick-or-treating, because they actually only like very few candies. I pulled out the Snickers and Milky Ways and Reese's Cups for the lovely husband and I, and threw them in the freezer. I pulled out the Nerds and lollipops and Smarties and plain M&Ms and other plain chocolate for the kids, because that's all that they like. The rest was for the lovely husband to take to his office to make nice with the just-out-of-college poor-and-hungry employees.

Little man G got into the Nerds. He loves them but mainly he loves opening the box and making a little pile on the table and playing with them. He'll eat a few, one at a time, in his own personal toddler dexterity challenge. But mostly he plays with them, and on Sunday evening, I was in no mood to stop him. My mood was to let happiness be happiness, whatever the form it took.

There are Nerds all over the family room today, and it was a poor choice of locations for E to have sat down to open her souvenir specimen cup and begin examining the tubes that had been part of her head for 2.5 years. She dropped one of them, and then it was time to go. The lovely husband had a meeting tonight, so she and I had to go pick up her younger brother and sister.

We got home again and G squealed and saw the sugar morsels on and around the coffee table, and, I'm not proud to report, began eating the Nerds off the carpet not entirely unlike a chicken pecking at pebbles. My tube! E cried, but we never found it.

It's such a tiny thing, so it could have fallen anywhere. Or G may have eaten it. We'll never really know.
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