Monday, October 10, 2011

Four years hence

We will go out for breakfast, the kind that includes mimosas and house-made hollandaise, or perhaps that kind that includes hash browns extra-crispy and strong coffee in mis-matched mugs.

We will see a movie, or visit a museum, or take a long nap, or pursue individual interests in silence.

We might go out for a white-tablecloth lunch, if breakfast wasn't too much.

We'll do whatever we want, because we can. And we'll be gleeful about it, and secretive.


About three minutes before she and I got into the car this morning, E realized that she was the only person being rushed. Are you and Daddy going to work? "No, love. It's Columbus Day."

So L and G are staying home, too? "Yes, love. You know that whenever my office is closed, daycare closes, too."

So you're all staying home together without me? This is the TERRIBLEST DAY EVER! She stomped mightily to the car, and made a great show of being angry.

When I picked her up seven hours later, she had had the greatest day ever until she remembered it was supposed to be the terriblest, and then it was terrible again (thank goodness).


In 1460 days, more or less, they'll all three be in school on Columbus Day, and the lovely husband and I are starting our plans now.
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