Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shark bite

With the introduction of kindergarten rituals, our Tooth Fairy Watch has taken on whole new levels of urgency. In E's kindergarten class, when a kid loses a tooth the whole class circles around in a congratulatory dance and song. The class keeps a chart of who has lost how many teeth and you get to add your tally mark yourself. And, if you lose your tooth in class you get to go to the nurse's office, and the nurse always has graham crackers. Obviously it would be a total waste to lose a tooth off-hours.

Well, E hasn't lost any teeth yet but she's been saying for more than a month that she feels wiggling. I couldn't see a thing but a few weeks ago, she made me feel her teeth instead of just looking at them.

I didn't feel wiggling...but I did feel something. Two somethings, really:
Shark teeth!

E's not popping her baby teeth out, she's just growing in a second row behind them.

(Sidenote: there is no dignified face a child can make in support of the request to "show your loose teeth." Points for being willing to participate.)

(Tangent sparked by the sidenote: I'm giving both girls vitamin B12 since they're both eating little to no animal products, and the children's B12 we have is a dissolving tablet that goes under their tongues. L said to me this evening: I'm really excited for my B12, Mama, because I'm really excited to lift my tongue up for you.)

Last Sunday we were at a birthday party for one of E's new kindergarten friends. She showed her shark teeth to another mom, a good friend of mine, and said friend commented, "oh! One of my daughters grew her teeth that way!" So because she's a good friend I waited until E had run off to play again and I asked her the question I've been panicking about in my mind: did her kid's baby teeth eventually fall out on their own? Because if the permanent teeth are not at all aligned with the baby teeth, what will push the baby teeth out? Because...what if this means a trip to the dentist?

The other mom swore at me in her loving way, called me an idiot because she really does love me, and told me to stop worrying immediately. Her daughter's teeth fell out, no problem. Stop worrying!!

Then a third mom walked by, the mom of the birthday boy, and I had only just met her that hour. She wondered what we were laughing about and my friend began to repeat the conversation. Before she got to the "don't worry" part, the third mom interjected: "oh, yeah, my older kid grew her teeth that way. We had to have the baby teeth pulled. It was so gross." And then it was my turn to swear.
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