Friday, August 5, 2011

Love (with links)

Thing you should be reading #1

Did you know that this is World Breastfeeding Week? (How do we feel about that event name? Does the world sound very thirsty?) You would think, this being the system upon which our species depended for thousands of years, that it would be so natural and commonplace that it wouldn’t need a Week. And yet. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (and not done, and done via motorized suction) and women undertaking to breastfeed need more support. 

You might not know anyone who needs the support personally but our cultural and societal attitudes make a difference in a woman’s comfort with breastfeeding, so your awareness does help. Let’s think of breasts as more than sexual. Let’s comfortably normalize the behavior, even in public, even with a little skin showing. Let’s use the word breastfeeding, and often (and I love to do this) so that it doesn’t make people squirm. 

(Are you a squirmer? BREASTFEEDING BREASTFEEDING BREASTFEEDING here, let me show you a glimpse of my nipple; I’m using it to BREASTFEED.)
Go read the posts collected by Amber McCann, a certified lactation consultant, telling the stories of women’s varying experiences with BREASTFEEDING.

Thing you should be reading #2

More with the BREASTFEEDING, and also THE BOOBS. I love this post on nursing covers (in defense of and also staunchly against), although shouldn’t we be calling them breastfeeding covers?

Thing you should be reading #3

Changing the subject, already: do you need reminders of the good qualities you bring to the world, instead of dwelling on the imperfections you see? My lovely friend Elena has started a new site to address our self-critical own-worst-enemy inner voices. It’s Just.Be.Enough. and you should it already.

Thing you should be reading #4

If you make your way through the internet circles pretty proficiently, you may have read this already, but it’s a great complement to Elena’s site and to the notions of our cultivations of societal attitudes, because where do insecure women come from? We create them, of course. I love this article on how to talk to little girls, and not just because I have two little girls of my own.

Thing you should be reading #5

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