Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Queen of anything

L tells us about her dream. I was a fairy and I was flying and I forgot how to land.
“Were you worried, love?”
What would I do if I was really a fairy and couldn’t land?
“You would call me and I would catch you.”
What if you didn’t hear me?
“You could call my phone and I would hear it ring.”
What if you didn’t hear your phone?
“You could call Daddy and he would catch you.”
What if he didn’t hear his?
“Well, our phones would show that you called, so we would come looking for you and we would find you and catch you in our arms.”

And, later:

Mama, when I’m a firefighter, I don’t want to drive the truck. I want to work in the fire station because in the truck I don’t know where to sit.
“Well, they would teach you that in firefighter school and then you could sit in the truck if you wanted.”

And, later:

But, Mama, I think I might want to be a chef.
Can I be a chef and a firefighter?
“Sure! Sometimes I think I might like to be a chef.”
E [spluttering]: You can’t!
Because you’re a mom!
“I’m also an archivist. If I can be an archivist and a mom, I can be a chef and a mom. I could be a chef and an archivist and a mom.”

And, later:

Mama? Can I be a chef and a fairy?
“I think you can, love.”
I’ll make you dinner! I’ll make you dinner while I’m flying! I’ll make you flying hot dogs.

I’ll probably never become a chef, but it’s nice to think about for when I grow up, as E said to me. And she can be an orphanage teacher and a princess, and L can be a fairy-chef-firefighter, and G, if we had to guess today, can be a grass flinger, or a shoe chewer, or a professional drooler. Maybe he’ll be all three. It’s good to dream.

E says I can still be a chef when I grow up so tell me, what do you dream of being?

This post was inspired by The Costume Trunk, a children's book in which Courtney and her friends discover the magical world of Paddywhack Lane, where all they need is their imagination to have fun. It's like Magic Treehouse for the preschool set. I received a copy of this book as a member of the From Left to Write book club.

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