Saturday, July 30, 2011


We have houseguests this weekend and the good news is that we're having great fun and the bad news is that the air conditioner broke on a 100-degree weekend and the afflicted component can't be acquired and replaced until Monday.

The two oldest girls made potions. These potions have powers, we've been informed, that are too strong for our safety. We weren't allowed to invoke their magic, but our enchantresses assured us that they would manage the sorcery for us.

The ingredients our concocters used were red, white and blue candy sprinkles; twigs; pebbles; water; clover; baking powder, flour, salt and sugar; clover; dandelions and the one ingredient this is most magical to five- and six-year-olds.

Magical properties included being able to toast your arm; make your dreams come true; clean up all your toys; and scare away bad guys. Sadly, they could not fix blower motors. That was a bit of an oversight, don't you think?

PS- you know what ingredient is most magical? MILK. Which will become quite spectacular, indeed, as we continue to store our potions in an 85-degree house.

But at least we could sleep safely with all the windows open last night, since we knew the bad guys were scared away. Pin It