Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We'll make a big batch of noodles from scratch

Do you know that book? My kids do, more or less. We've listened to the audio version a kazallion times. That's not the same as reading it with the illustrations, of course, as I was reminded today.

When can we make noodles from scratch? L asked this morning. I recently got a never-used pasta maker from Freecycle and I've been wanting to experiment with pasta making. It's been teasing me for a few months and I can't believe I haven't played with it yet.  "We can try this weekend, love."

Can we make them tonight?

"Not tonight, love. Your daddy won't be home and I'd like to save a big, messy project like that for when I'm not the only grownup at home, and for when we have lots of time. But we can really do it this weekend."

But I had a bad dream.

"You did? What was it about?"

There were bad guys. That's why I want to make noodles from scratch.

"Sweetie, why do you need noodles when there are bad guys?"

I'll keep the noodles in my pockets.

"And what will you do with them?"

I'll pull them out and throw them on the bad guys when they get near me so they get scratches on them! Then they'll go away because they'll need bandaids for their boo-boos. Because of all the noodles from scratch. I'll throw them everywhere on them!

She wants get all noodle-ninja on her bad dreams. I think it's my duty, then, finally to make a big batch of noodles from scratch.
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