Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Still life from the boo-boo patrol

June 7, 2011
Still life with a partial collection of our many, many ice packs

The girls' current teachers have a habit of soothing any wounds, physical or emotional, bloody or not, real or perceived, with a little snuggle and the offer of an ice pack. As such, they're totally conditioned and L in particular yells out for an ice pack at least two or three times a day. We've accrued quite a collection. Some are the kind that came free with coolers, some are re-purposed teething toys, and the furry ones have clever, removable, washable covers.

Ice packs have come a long way from the blue bricks we had to wrap in dishtowels, huh? Kids these days, and all their innovations, huh?

I haven't done a still life in a while, and realized recently that I miss them. When I started this blog, they were one of my regular features. Once upon a time I studied art history and I built this blog at a time that I was really missing that. You'll see the influence in the names of the post labels I use, too. That longing is faded now and I think largely it's because blogging has fulfilled my craving for a creative outlet. Maybe that's why I neglected my still lifes?

Look for them again, because I'm feeling nostalgic, and I think they're going to make a comeback.

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